Ask Dr Google for inspiration to pull yourself out of the creative slump

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If people only knew how hard I work to gain my mastery. It wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.

― Michelangelo

I have not painted for quite a few years and have been frustrated with not being able to get back into the flow easily, even after shopping for new paint. The paint I did have I brought through school some years ago and now I know why it is extremely hard to produce a good artwork without a quality product.

Instead I have found myself learning how to use lavender from my garden to make an infused oil, which I have ambitions of turning into soap and deadheading my beautiful roses and collecting the petals for something maybe pot pourri, sugar body scrub ……. But then I thought what else could I do as I have been taking far too many photos on my iPhone of roses in my garden for no purpose but appreciating their colour, texture and unique characteristics. What artistic possibilities are here that I am not paying attention to? So here’s the result from my “Ask Dr Google” tour.

I found a great aged blog called Plant Propaganda to get my imagination ticking over. Below are the images that caught my attention and ideas that popped to mind. Let’s see what comes to fruition …….

And here is a helpful list of tips to find artistic inspiration and creative ideas.

1 thought on “Ask Dr Google for inspiration to pull yourself out of the creative slump”

  1. This is an excellent post Dy, I particularly like the idea of using different coloured rocks, leaves and petals to create tonal sculptural elements in nature.

    Art without paint; what a great idea 🥰

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