Our mares and young horses are raised on specific formulations depending on their unique needs throughout the season.  In addition to pasture and local lucerne hay they may be fed a variation of quality stud mix, Bio Mare cubes and a mineral supplement and where necessary the addition of Omega 3 oils.  All horses get a carrot and a pat and a check up on the daily am or pm walk. We utilise Cudgegong Valley Veterinary practice to deliver expert care for any horses or foals requiring attention.  They provide state of the art facilities for mare reproduction with frozen or chilled semen, emergency foaling down and follow up care if required at the Kandos practice.  A professional farrier visits the farm to ensure all horses and young stock receive regular hoof care and follow up.Mares are monitored closely and we use foaling alarms when they are a few weeks of foaling down.
Foals are handled with care and patience to ensure they develop into confident well mannered weanlings and yearlings.  They enjoy expansive paddocks on undulated ground to race around and develop their respiratory, skeletal and muscular systems.  Weanlings and yearlings are teamed up with an older Nanny to ensure they learn the boundaries and receive regular groundwork lessons. They are fed twice daily and the occasional hay supplement.  Yearlings are presented for the Sydney or Bathurst sales and are usually sent offsite for the last weeks of their preparation.  On occasion a homebred might be retained to race, and may be available for racing partnerships.
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Current mares located at Shalimar

Racehorses and Graduates

Current racehorse and graduates

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The Farm Dog

Kelpie tails and adventures. Loki, lord of mischief, assistant horse handler and general dogsbody.